Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Our Clients have spent their entire lives planning and saving for retirement. Now that the tides have changed, the way in which we plan must also change.


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At the core of our Financial Well Being, lies our Total Assets. As we advance and manage our Financial Future, we must consistently be increasing the value of our investments. There are a multitude of factors that must be calculated in this equation...how much income we are taking out, the yearly cost of inflation as prices increase, and the overall risk to reward relationship of the investments themselves. It is our duty here at Prestige Financial Group to help grow and manage your assets and do so in a fashion that takes into account both taxes and risk, and puts you in the best position to experience and maintain the lifestyle that you envisioned.


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As we plan and enter into Retirement, our whole investment outlook and financial plan has to change to meet the lack of income we will experience as we shift into Retirement. Not only do we have to manage and grow the assets to keep up with the money that we withdraw, but we also have to take into account the tax consequence of our withdrawals. Most retiree's have saved their entire lives via some form of tax-deferral, whether it be an I.R.A., 401K, 403B or Deferred Compensation account, as we withdrawal the funds inside of these accounts this creates a taxable event. At Prestige Financial Group it is our duty to show you strategies that can help rid you of your tax burden, keep the accounts growing in a Tax-Free Fashion, and both manage and minimize the tax consequence of the income you withdrawal.


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What is Risk? By definition Risk is the exposure to damage, harm, or loss.The ideal philosophy for financial planning is to gain the most reward for the least amount of risk. At the end of the day, the majority of our clients are either in the processing of entering, or are currently in the midst of retirement. At Prestige Financial Group, our duty  is to minimize risk, manage, maintain, and grow your assets. Our clients are life-long members of our firm, and as such, we hold our Financial Advisors to the highest possible standard when helping clients plan.