Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Regardless of the size or position of your assets, estate planning is of the upmost importance when it comes to Leaving a Legacy Behind. Here at Prestige Financial Group, we help clients maximize their estate, reduce their tax burden, and create/position assets that will protect family members and loved ones for years to come.

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The Estate Plan

Prestige Financial Group is partnered with local attorneys to provide an unparalleled estate planning service, including both wills and trusts. A will or a trust is the foundation of an estate plan, and is the outline of how the assets are to be distributed. There are very distinct differences between the two, and having you sit down with a licensed attorney to plan and document your estate is of the upmost importance when protecting your legacy.

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Estate Planning Tools

When planning one's estate, there are a wide variety of very useful tools that you can use to maximize value, control distribution, and decrease taxes. Here at Prestige Financial Group, it is our job to align the vision that you have for your estate, with the tool that will help you accomplish that goal.

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Managing the growth, taxes, and income of your assets is important, however it is only one side of the coin. Here at Prestige Financial Group, we are firm believers in growing and protecting the legacy we leave behind. When investing assets, it is important to consider how we position those assets, so that if something were to happen, you're family and loved ones can inherit the assets in a fashion that minimizes the tax consequence, and continues to grow the assets in a tax deferred fashion.