Our Clients

Our Clients

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A large portion of our clients are in the midst of retirement. As such, they have spent their entire lives working and saving in order to live an enjoyable lifestyle. We cater to both those with aggressive and conservative outlooks, and seek to design a Financial Plan to suit the wants and needs of each particular client. We find that a large portion of our clients are seeking secure growth and income planning. Once retired, your entire financial outlook has to adapt to make up for the loss of income that you once received while working. Whether that means receiving income now, or planning for future income as the cost of inflation rises, Prestige Financial Group is dedicated designing a Financial Plan that takes into consideration both taxes and income, as well as growth and risk. Our experts are trained to be elite in their knowledge of the Financial World and in their knowledge of Retirement Planning.



The process of entering retirement is a bigger deal than most would think. Everything changes...your lifestyle, your income, and everything in between. At Prestige Financial Group, our job is to help guide those who are planning to retire. Part of that process includes designing a customized plan to help smooth the transition into retirement. Most people while working contribute to some form of tax-deferred account, whether it be an I.R.A., 401K, 403B, or Deferred Compensation. Now that they are reaching the peak of their contributions, they will soon enter into a phase of their lives where they will now have to withdrawal from these accounts. This creates a substantial tax-burden. At Prestige Financial Group it is our job to show clients strategies that can help reduce or eliminate that burden. We then must implement a plan to grow and protect those assets, so that assets are consistently growing and not being depleted.